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In the early ’s, Steven Slate rose to audio industry fame by producing one of the industry’s first pro drum sample products, Steven Slate Drums. After several years of making custom drum samples for many top producers and mixers, he released his drum samples publicly in to rave reviews. Steven Slate Drums Signature Drumkits Platinum Pack delivers the kind of high quality drum sounds we've come to expect from Slate. Having sold big, fat, and punchy drum samples to top names in the industry for quite some time now, Slate brings all his know-how to this more than 40 kit collection. Steven Slate Drums Platinum Edition KONTAKT. Steven Slate Drums Platinum library contains over 40 drumkits including 13 kits that are authentic models MINISTRY OF ROCK 2 crack of class artists and albums, as well as 10 new hybrid kits that use multiple layers of various kicks and snares to create new and unique sounds. A: This a proprietary compressed format that can only be extracted via the Steven Slate Drums Install Manager. Please be sure to view the Knowledge Base for instructions. Q: Where should the SSD5 Library be saved? A: We recommend Documents (Local) or an external hard drive. Steven Slate Drums 5 lets you group faders — kick and snare, overheads, room mics, toms, and more — for broader mix strokes. This is especially useful when your drum sounds are more or less dialed in, but you want to raise the level of the ambient mics or reduce the level of the toms without going fader by fade for each move/5(3).

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SSD4 has every drum sound imaginable. The kits model the famous drum sounds of classic artists like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and more!. Steven Slate Drums give you the drum sounds of your dreams! Discover our core products such as SSD 4, Trigger, Pearl Mimic Pro, and our Expansion Packs!. I purchased Steven Slate Drums EX, Kontakt 5 (cross grade price), and West Africa about 3 weeks ago. The intent was to use SSD EX as a. Hi, I recently installed Steven Slate Drums EX (with a few expansion packs) a short while ago. This package depends on Kontakt Player to. Hi, I upgraded my Kontakt player to version 5 (Not sure why really as all was working fine in 4). Now NI have changed the way the route the.

Steven Slate Drums has sponsored us with an EX license so that I What you will need: Steven Slate Drums, Reaper, Kontakt Player(included.

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