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Search-and-find for Sims 2 custom content. Sim Content - Hair-Pigtails/Bunches: Quick Reply Print version. Search this Thread Hair-Pigtails/Bunches. I'm after a hairstyle, I don't know if it exists in sim form, but I know EXACTLY what I want: two pigtails/bunches tied at the side of the head, and hanging down. see pictures below. WCIF puffball pigtails hair for Sims 2? lisamwitt Posts: 3, Member. August in The Sims General Discussion. I am looking for a particular hairstyle for my Sims 2. I have it for Sims 3 now, but I'm trying to find it for Sims 2. It's pigtails with puffball things. There are pictures below now. 0. Mar 20,  · Hey y'all! I have been wondering for AGES where I can find this female hair style for sims 2 that I always wanted to find but could never find it.! Heres the pic to what Im looking for on Oritasho's LJ. help will be appreciated and always appropriated! ~Corey. I have never downloaded pigtails, and when I go into Edit A Sim, it doesn't even indicate what hairstyle the Sim is currently using. I believe these look the same as the female pigtails, but I'm not completely sure. I try not to use this hairstyle. Sign in to Mod The Sims. Remember Me? Don't have an account? Register now. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. That pigtail hair is one of my favorites, I am all over it and know where it is at all times.

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I'm pretty sure that Rosesims had some ponytails/pigtails but I can't find them now ! For sims 2, that hair is one of her pay hairs, donation # Sims 2 Downloads. Searching for 'pigtails'. Curly Pigtails - Strawberry. Apr 15, by sim_man Recolors of Sunair Pigtails - Brown. Mar 10, by. Mod The Sims - Braided Toddler Pigtails Family Guy, Download Hair, Braids, .. But here is a cute blush for your sims ;) Found in TSR Category 'Sims 4 Female. An unused accessory is an accessory (such as an article of clothing or These occur in most Sims games, including The Sims, The Sims 2, The Braids Edit. Download Aurora Skies Pretty Pigtails: POOKLET || REMI ” A cute set of braids from the Aurora Skies world pack. Sort of reminds me of Ana;s.

This is what I'm thinking of, though anything you find doesn't have to Try searching the term 'sims 2 pigtails CC' I used that and got a lot of. Download Debra Oldie - a custom Sim from my Sims 2 Pleasantview Let's Play. She's a Debra Oldie takes out her pigtails. By request, I This download is for the adult version of Debra, but you can always age her down. Well, kids and toddlers do not have all these colours. Kids and toddlers have 9 colour options per hairdo. And while I get that grey(ing) hair is a. If I'm understanding this right, the toddler is meant to be wearing a cc hair in that picture but instead the EA pigtails hair is floating above her.

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