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Are you running the NetBackup Remote Administration Console is not being ran with "Run as Administrator" priveledges"? Q2. Which service account is running the NetBackup Client service for your Remote Admin Console? Q3. Is the Remote Admin hostname listed as an authorized server to . There is no Remote admin console for Linux OS - the Windows Java and Windows Admin Console can be used to manage Unix/Linux servers. Linux servers have built-in Java console - jnbSA in /usr/openv/netbackup/bin. Feb 16,  · NetBackup Remote Administration Console smicro (MIS) (OP) 4 Feb 11 Is there anyway to restrict access to NetBackup Remote Administration Console. It doesn't prompt for a password and we were trying to restrict access based pc or any other way. Note this is different than the Netbackup Admin Console which requires the user name and. The NetBackup language pack is not available for a master or media sever inside NetBackup Appliance because NetBackup Appliance doesn't provide the local Java user interface. The customer must use the NetBackup-Java Administration Console on a remote computer, which is the NetBackup-Java Remote Administration Console on Windows. Solution. In computing, Veritas NetBackup (called Symantec NetBackup prior to Symantec's divestiture of Veritas) is an enterprise-level heterogeneous backup and recovery suite. It provides cross-platform backup functionality to a large variety of Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems.. NetBackup features a central master server which manages both media servers (containing the backup media) Platform: Cross-platform.

(029) How to Install Veritas NetBackup 8.1.1 Remote Administration Console

On the computer where you want to install the remote administration console, do one of the following: Insert the appropriate DVD that contains. The NetBackup Remote Administration Console is supported on Windows Server /XP, Windows Server /Vista, and Windows Server. Removing earlier versions of the NetBackup Administration Console on Windows · About the NetBackup Remote Administration Console. Administering remote servers of different versions · Using the NetBackup Administration About the NetBackup Administration Console toolbar. It could be that the NetBackup Remote Administration Console is not being ran with "Run as Administrator" priveledges". Or It's possible that.

Administration of Symantec NetBackup™ for Windows Study Guide The following tables list the Symantec SCS Certification exam objectives for the Administration of Symantec NetBackup for Windows exam and how these objectives align to the Symantec NetBackup for Windows: Administration course and the. Adding remote servers to administer from an existing NetBackup Remote Administration Console .. 70 Installing or removing multiple versions of the NetBackup-Java Installing multiple versions of the NetBackup Administration Console Removing earlier versions of the NetBackup-Java Administration.

Performing local, remote, or clustered server installation on Windows systems Installing the NetBackup Remote Administration Console. I personally prefer the Java Console to manage Unix/Linux/Appliance master servers. It does not need SERVER entries. Just name lookup and. Hi, Finally Netbackup is upgraded to from Now i need to get remote administration console to install on windows machine.

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