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May 08,  · For what it's worth, I've got an '08 EXC, which also came new with 15/45 gearing. I'm not sure if KTM has maybe revised the transmission ratio's when they switched to the / combo, but if they stayed the same, then what works for the older bikes should be similar to what you'd need. It really all depends on how/where you ride. Aug 02,  · These days, if you want a serious, lightweight supermoto for the street, you have to build it yourself and what better platform to start with than the KTM EXC. Already (barely) street legal, the EXC platform has always been high on power and low on weight -two key ingredients for a potent supermoto. The KTM EXC is a ridiculous machine, and not just because it’s plate legal. LIVING WITH THE EXC. Gearing: You have two choices here. Most people opt to change the stock gearing to This is because is pretty good, and with this, you don’t have to buy a new longer chain. However, or is probably Author: Dirt Bike. Mar 08,  · Im looking to put some smaller wheels on my KTM exc 17" in the front and it sound like I want to run a 5" in the rear How much of a PITA is the 5" to install? I keep hearing about clearence issue, which doesnt bother me a whole lot, but ive never really talked to anyone with expierience either. Also gearing what to run on the front and back sprockets? Jul 16,  · Lire la description!!!!! Merci à Moto Team 81 pour leur professionnalisme! (ktm castre) Facebook: MotorFLy dinard.xyz

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Hi, I am a little confuse with gearing on bike. I read some stuff but didn't find any answer. My bike is is ktm exc sm. I have the stock. Project KTM EXC Supermoto . To maintain near-stock gearing, we left the primary drive alone and fitted a 46T sprocket to the rear. Im new to the KTM family, just picked up my KTM EXCF a few days ago and it is a whole new world compared to the DRZ Ive. KTM EXC Supermoto conversion check list. Discussion in 'Thumpers' started mm rotor with adapter bracket 45 tooth sprocket. Hi y'all. Going to SM the EXC-F in time for spring but I'll be maintaining it's off road capabilities. So I've ordered 17x and 17x5 wheels.

Adventure, Purity, Performance, Extreme - KTM is READY TO RACE. We use our own and third party cookies in order to improve your experience and our service. PaganDragon KTM EXC 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 years ago When I bought mine last year my dealer strongly recommended that I swap out the front sprocket for one with one less tooth. Never did it, but i totally agree with the bikes stock gearing being too high. Jun 15,  · DDC Racing Rear Sprockets for KTM are part number OB1 followed by the number of teeth. For example, a 48 tooth KTM sprocket would be part number OB All OB1 rear sprocket fit basically everything orange from to current, however we have compiled a crazy detailed list of the model bikes our OB1 sprocket fits. May 15,  · Just a quick walk around of my ktm with my new supermoto wheels and tires, went with the cush hub and 5" wheel in the rear. Loving the look of the bike right now but up in the air about.

Converting exc to road supermoto and need some advise. standard exc chain, 13T front sprocket and 50T rear sprocket on big wheels. The KTM EXC is a ridiculous machine, and not just because it's plate legal. Most people opt to change the stock gearing to Hey guys, so I bought a exc last year and I love the bike except for a few things. One of my biggest complaints is the gearing. I cant lug the. Whats the best sprocket size to run for Supermoto - This is one of the most asked questions. There is really no answer as far as one sprocket size that works for. hey guys so i noticed how on my bike( ktm exc) first gear runs I run supermoto wheels 95% of the time. if not then what could help.

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